Piloted Jet Flames

A major objective of the TNF Workshop is to identify experimental data sets on turbulent flames that are considered to be reasonably complete, accurate, and appropriate for the purpose of validating state-of-the-art combustion models. The data sets listed here include both detailed scalar measurements (temperature, major species, and some minor species) and velocity measurements in the flames with relatively simple geometries, simple fuels, and well defined boundary conditions. We expect the number of flames and the types of experimental data to expand over time.

In making these data available to the combustion community, the organizers and contributors have made an effort to provide appropriate documentation. This documentation should include information on experimental uncertainties. However, the workshop organizers cannot make any assurance of the accuracy of these data sets.

Please read the documentation and referenced papers before using any of these data sets. Please also inform the data provider (primary contact should be listed in the documentation) and R. Barlow if you have suggestions or find any problems with the data or documentation.

Piloted Jet Flames: