TNF5 Workshop

Delft, The Nederlands, July 26-28, 2000

The Fifth International Workshop on Measurement and Computation of Turbulent Nonpremixed Flames (TNF5) was hosted by the Technical University of Delft, The Nederlands on July 26-28, 2000. TNF5 was attended by 68 researchers from 11 countries.

TNF5 emphasized detailed consideration of submodels, including methane kinetics and NO formation in laminar flames, radiation, mixing models, turbulence models, and the sensitivity of results to inflow profiles. The Proceedings also include comparisons for bluff-body flame results and an overview of data sets on the Tecflam burner.

The complete proceedings are available below in pdf format (235 pages, 15 MB). The file includes all materials from the notebook that was distributed to workshop participants. Addition materials from several of the invited contributors have also been included in the final TNF5 Proceedings. This pdf file includes bookmarks and thumbnails for navigation. The 4-page Summary and Conclusions from the Proceedings is separately available. 

TNF2 Organizing Committee

R. BarlowJ.-Y.ChenR. Bilger
N. PetersE. HasselA. Masri
H. PitschJ. JanickaD. Roekaerts
 S. Pope 
Local Host Committee

T. DingM. DoolhoffM. Golombok
W. HuebnerD. KrasinskyA. Mbiock
B. NaudD. RoekaertsJ. Teerling

Results presented at the TNF Workshop may represent work in progress.  It would be inappropriate to quote or reference information in these proceedings without first checking with the author for permission and for the latest information on results and references.