TNF3 Workshop

Boulder, Colorado, July 30-August 1, 1998

The Third Workshop (TNF3) attracted 84 registered participants and focused on comparisons of measured and modeled results for four target flames of hydrocarbon fuels (CH4 or natural gas):

  •  DLR-Stuttgart jet flame of CH4/H2/N

  •  TU Delft piloted natural gas flame

  •  Sandia piloted CH4/air flame

  •  Sydney University CH4/H2 bluff body flame

The TNF3 Proceedings (164 pages, 7.5 MB) includes two-page abstracts of contributed posters on the target flames and on other related topics, as well as comparisons of results on the target flames. Most of the comparisons are in graphical form, and written commentary is limited. A few comments from the program co-chairs are included to highlight the major discussion issues and outcomes. The target flame comparisons have brought up several interesting issues and questions that will require more work to resolve, and it is clear that we are not finished with this set of flames. Accordingly, the information contained here should be viewed as work in progress unless it also appears in a separately published reference. Readers are advised to avoid the error of drawing premature conclusions based upon the information contained in these proceedings alone because the reasons for agreement or disagreement among the experiments and calculations may not be apparent from the graphical comparison.

TNF3 Organizing Committee

R. BarlowJ.-Y.ChenR. Bilger
E. HasselJ. JanickaA. Masri
T. PeetersN. PetersS. Pope

Results presented at the TNF Workshop may represent work in progress.  It would be inappropriate to quote or reference information in these proceedings without first checking with the author for permission and for the latest information on results and references.