TNF10 Workshop

Beijing, China, July 29–31, 2010

TNF10 was attended by 93 researchers from 13 countries. The program emphasized progress in new areas identified at TNF9, including the extension of model validation work to premixed and stratified combustion and to fuels more complex than methane.  Sessions topics included:

  • Overview and recent progress on lifted flames in hot coflow
  • Model comparisons on the Sydney Piloted Premixed Jet Burner
  • Overview of stratified combustion experiments
  • Overview of modeling approaches for partially premixed and stratified combustion
  • Model comparisons on the Darmstadt stratified flames
  • Progress on kinetics and diagnostics for “new” fuels
  • Best practice in LES

The complete TNF10 Proceedings (345 pages, 73 MB) are available for download in PDF format. The PDF file includes summary, agenda, list of participants, abstracts and slides from the presentations, and two-page abstracts of contributed posters.  The summary (11 pages) from the proceedings is also available separately.

TNF10 Organizing Committee
R.S. BarlowJ.-Y. ChenA. Dreizler
J. JanickaA. KempfR.P. Lindstedt
A.R. MasriJ.C. OefeleinH. Pitsch
S.B. PopeD. RoekaertsL. Vervisch

Results presented at the TNF Workshop may represent work in progress.  It would be inappropriate to quote or reference information in these proceedings without first checking with the author for permission and for the latest information on results and references.