TNF15 Workshop

Due to the ongoing challenges associated with the pandemic, we will wait until 22-23 July 2022 to hold the next TNF Workshop.  This will be in Vancouver on the Friday and Saturday before the 39th International Symposium on Combustion.  We hope it will be possible by then to have a fully in-person meeting.

Tentative list of TNF topics:

  • Mixed-mode or multi-mode combustion
       –  Collaborative comparison of experiment and simulations of the Darmstadt multi-regime burner
       –  Methods of regime identification
       –  CO modeling in multi-regime combustion
       –  DNS of experimental configurations
  • Machine learning applied to turbulence chemistry interaction
  • Flame-wall interaction
  • Combustion of novel fuels and fuel blends, e.g., ammonia/hydrogen
  • Lean blow-out
  • High-pressure combustion

Additional information will be broadcast to the TNF email list.  Please contact Robert Barlow to be added to the list.