TNF15 Workshop 

Vancouver, Canada, July 22 – 23, 2022 

The 15th TNF Workshop (International Workshop on Measurement and Computation of Turbulent Flames) and the 17th PTF (Premixed Turbulent Flames) Workshop were held as a combined event on July 22-23, 2022 at the Coast Cole Harbor Hotel in Vancouver, Canada.  Traditionally, TNF and PTF have used different formats, with PFT consisting of relatively short, contributed presentations and TNF consisting of longer “curated” sessions on pre-selected focus topics.  Overall participation (roughly 80) was lower than expected, due to lingering effects of the corona virus pandemic.  This prompted the organizers to combine and blend the programs and presentation styles of these normally-separate workshops.  Feedback on this combined approach was generally favorable, and the PTF and TNF Organizers have discussed the possibility of using a similar approach for at least a part of 2024 workshops in Milan. Italy. 

These Proceedings follow the format for past TNF Workshops but include information and presentations from the full TNF/PTF program. 

TNF session topics were:

  • Modeling Turbulent Hydrogen Flames
  • Combustion of Ammonia as Energy/Hydrogen Carrier
  • Comparisons on the Darmstadt Multi-Regime Burner
  • Flame-Wall Interaction
  • Combustion Machine Learning: Principles, Progress and Perspectives
  • Compressible/Supersonic Combustion (not included in the proceedings)

PTF presentations (18) covered a range of topics in premixed combustion.

The TNF15-PTF17 Proceedings (372 pages, 148 MB) are available for download in PDF format.  The PDF file includes a brief summary of the workshop, lists of participants, the agenda, TNF session summaries and presentations slides, PTF presentation slides, and a summary of the closing panel discussion session.  Slides from PTF contributors are also available from the PTF web site.  The summary from the proceedings is available separately for download below.

TNF15 Organizing Committee

R.S. BarlowA. DreizlerB. FiorinaC. Hasse
M. IhmeA. KempfR.P. LindstedtG. Magnotti
A.R. MasriJ.C. OefeleinH. PitschZ. Ren
H. PitschS.B. PopeD. Roekaerts
L. Vervisch

PTF17 Organizing Committee

A. AspdenA. SkibaS. Kheirkhah

Results presented at the TNF Workshop may represent work in progress.  It would be inappropriate to quote or reference information in these proceedings without first checking with the author for permission and for the latest information on results and references.