Computational Submodels

The primary emphasis of the early TNF Workshops was to test various models for turbulence-chemistry interaction.  To facilitate useful comparisons among the modeled and measured results and to isolate effect of the turbulence-chemistry models, it was agreed that calculations should use as many models in common as possible.  Recommended models for mixing (in the modeling PDF context), chemistry, and radiation were made available on the original web site and were used in many of the simulations that are shown in the various TNF proceedings as well as numerous publications.  These models are preserved here for archival purposes.  The TNF organizers do not offer them as recommended models; some of the chemistry models are outdated, and the radiation model is quite simple. 

Many of the practices formulated in the TNF Workshops have been reflected in the ERCOFTAC best practice guidelines for CFD of turbulent combustion.

Mixing Models

Chemistry Models

Radiation Model