Delft III Piloted Natural Gas Flame

Delft Technical University/Sandia

Dimensions: Nozzle diameter = 6 mm; Primary air annulus diameter = 45 mm

Main jet: Natural gas (approx. 81% CH4, 14% N2)

Pilot: The pilot burns a premixture of C2H2/H2/air. View pilot image.

Flow Conditions: Ujet=21.9 m/s, Uann=4.4 m/s, Ucoflow=0.3 m/s

Scalar Measurements: Raman/Rayleigh/LIF measurements of F, T, major species, CO, OH, and NO were obtained in the TDF lab at Sandia. Accuracy of some species measurements in some locations is limited by high levels of fluorescence interference from soot precursors. CARS temperature measurements and OH PLIF imaging, performed at TU Delft, have also been reported for this flame. Time resolved OH PLIF imaging, using the system at Lund University, has also been done. References are in the documentation file. 

Velocity Measurements: Velocity measurements were obtained at the Delft University of Technology. 

Primary Contact: Dirk Roekaerts ([email protected])

Website:Process and Energy Delft


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