TNF2 Workshop

Heppenheim, Germany, June 3-4, 1997

The 2nd Workshop was hosted by the Technical University of Darmstadt and held on June 3-4, 1997 in Heppenheim, Germany. Fifty three people attended the workshop. Discussions focused on comparisons of measured and predicted results for hydrogen jet flames, as well as planning of work to be done on methane flames in preparation for the 3rd TNF Workshop in Boulder, Colorado 1998.

Proceedings in electronic format were not produced at the time of TNF2. Partial documentation the TNF2 proceedings was reconstructed in January 2003 from hard copies of vugraphs on hydrogen jet flame comparisons presented at the workshop. Some information on these comparisons is also presented on the Darmstadt Technical Universityweb site. Results from several comparisons of measured and modeled result for the hydrogen target flames were subsequently published and are referenced in the TNF bibliography.

TNF2 Organizing Committee

R. BarlowR. BilgerJ. Janicka
N. PetersE. HasselA. Masri

Results presented at the TNF Workshop may represent work in progress.  It would be inappropriate to quote or reference information in these proceedings without first checking with the author for permission and for the latest information on results and references.