HYLON – Hydrogen/air flames in a dual swirl coaxial injector (IMFT, Toulouse)

The files linked below include documentation and data from measurements conducted at Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (IMFT) with the HYLON burner, a dual swirl co-axial injector for H2/air combustion. Air and H2 are injected separately into coaxial ducts equipped with swirlers.  Two operating points were studied, corresponding to the flames shown above.  Flame A is anchored on the hydrogen injector lips. Flame L is lifted above the injector.

Primary Contact:  Thierry Schuller, IMFT

When downloading the database, please contact Thierry Schuller to be added to the mail list and be informed of any update.

Version of the database:  HYLON_TNF_2023_12


Data archive