Nonreacting Jet of Propane into Air (Sandia)


Detailed experimental data have been obtained and tabulated for a variable-density, nonreacting round jet of propane into coflowing air. The data set includes mean and rms fluctuations for density and propane mixture fraction, the intermittency and the third and fourth moments. Data for the probability density distributions of mixture fraction at several axial and radial locations are also provided. Velocity data includes the mean axial and radial velocity components, the rms fluctuations of each velocity component, and the correlation between axial and radial velocity. Further discussion and analysis of the data can be found in Schefer et al. 1985, 1986 and 1987; Dibble et al. 1984; Dibble et al. 1985 and 1987; Gouldin et al. 1986. These references are listed in the documentation file. The documentation file also includes a description of the experiment, discussion of results, and information regarding the data file structure.

Documentation File

Data Files