H2 and H2/He Jet Flames (Sandia/ETH Zurich)

Sandia/ETH Zurich

Multiscalar data from Sandia and velocity data from ETH Zurich are available for three simple jet flames with varying degrees of helium dilution. Please read the data summaries in the TNF1 Proceedings and documentation files below for detailed information on these flames. The scalar data are available in two archives. Archive A will be sufficient for most users.

SANDH2_A includes radial profiles of mean and rms scalar quantities, with separate files for ensemble-, Favre-, and conditional averages. SANDH2_A also includes composite files of single-shot data from several radial locations in each profile. These composite files are useful for generating scatter plots. The compressed size is roughly 600 kB.

SANDH2_B includes the complete single-shot data with separate files for each measurement location. This archive will only be needed if additional statistical analysis of the data is to be done. The compressed size is roughly 3 MB.

Primary Contact: Robert Barlow ([email protected])

Sandia Scalar Documentation

ETHZ Velocity Documentation

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